Draft didn’t go according to plan

I have no clue how to feel about my team and I’m just looking for some feedback. It’s a twelve team auction league full ppr. This league doesn’t have kickers and that spot has been replaced with a flex spot.

QB- Deshaun Watson

WR- Micheal Thomas, Robert Woods, Robby Anderson, Emmanuel Sanders, Courtland Sutton, Marquise Goodwin, Cole Beasley, Willie Snead

RB- Soni Michel, Kerryon Johnson, Miles Sanders, Chris Thompson, Malcolm Brown

TE- Jordan Reed

DEF- Cowboys (week 1) giants

Let me know footclan!

I think you did okay i suppose, although i’m not sure why you took both sutton AND sanders, better to spread your assets around rather than stack a team and hope one pays off. That just means your going to be guessing each week as to who will have the better week. You’re also pretty thin at RB, think you took too many late round WR’s and not enough RB’s with potential/upside

Likely need a replacement TE for week 1. Otherwise looks fine to start the year.

As a reminder… a great team “on paper” before week 1 means absolutely nothing.