Draft dilema

I have pick 5. Top four backs will go first four. I have no idea what to do in the first couple rounds at 5. Should I try swapping drafts with someone lower or stick and take a Melvin or hoppy or Adams to pair with someone in the second??

What’s the format? Redraft, PPR?

Redraft .5 ppr standard roster

I’d probably go Hopkins at 5 and see if any big name RBs come back 2nd round, or Kelce.

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Melvin Gordon is a fantastic 5th pick in redraft, imo.

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For me, I would rather start out with Gordon at the 1.05 then pick best available in Rds 2-5 knowing you have a strong RB in your RB1 slot. by mid round 2, RBs start coming with bigger question marks relative to the WRs and TEs you see in round 2 and 3.

Assuming you don’t pick up an RB in rounds 2 or 3, I’d suggest looking ahead to what RBs could be on the board for your Rd 4/5 picks. IMO, you’re doing well to pick up your RB2 slot in this range, even if it’s a slight reach when you make the pick.

Barring injury, the RB crop begins to take serious dive in dependability in early RB20s, so claiming one of those mid-range RB2 will put you on solid footing and make it easier to take shots on upside players for the rest of the draft.