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Draft Dilemma (Gronk in 2nd?)


Hi everyone,

I’m in a twelve team standard keeper league (1 keeper) and I am having a real difficult decision on whether or not it is a good idea to take Gronk in the second round.

Johnson, Bell, Zeek, and Evans all kept 1st round. I am picking 9th and am thinking of going Murray, Gronk first two picks and maybe getting Alshon Jeffery for my third pick.

P.S. I kept Davante Adams with my final pick in the draft


Brett Favre


I am not a fan of taking tight ends early due to the fact that you leave yourself vulnerable at positions which require more depth, and this risk only increases with Gronk’s inherent propensity to get injured. If I were you I would look into going Devonta Freeman and Michael Thomas (Just freeballing), or another rb/wr combo. But if you really want to, I couldn’t fault you for going Gronk


Agree with the above comment


Yeah I’m not taking gronk until the 4th, which will never happen so I’m not taking gronk lol. Gronk is a gsme changer when healthy. And when tom brady is throwing a lot. But neither one of those things will happen all season long this year. Brady is old and they want to protect him so the rum game will come in, and gronk just doesn’t stay healthy. Build your depth is what I would do.