Draft feedback - 10 team keeper league

Hey all! How did I do today in my 10 team .5PPR keeper league?

QB - Rodgers, Lance
RB - CMC (keeper), Najee, Henderson, Gaskin, Jamaal Williams
WR - McLaurin, Cooper, Michael Thomas, Sutton, Shenault
TE - Tonyan
DST - Washington
K - Succop


Overall a pretty solid team.

I would have liked to see you stack A. Cooper with Dak because I think the DAL offense is going to be hot, but not going to complain about Rodgers although I think he will have some TD regression.

Im also not sold on Gaskins as I think MIA will use all three RBs in some fashion.

I don’t think you’re a contender in a 10 team league; sorry. Your WRs and TE are too weak for that small of a league.

No need to be sorry. That’s the beauty of Fantasy Football. I don’t love my TE for sure, but I personally like my WR depth. I think it has good upside. But again, that’s the beauty…opinions are different. That’s why I put it out here. Wanting to hear people’s opinions. Thank you for yours and I will be keeping my eye on the waiver wire and trades for WR and TE with this opinion in mind :blush:

Thanks! I’m also not sold on Gaskin. Seemed like the best pick at the time given the other players available. :man_shrugging:

I like your backs a lot (Gaskin as your RB4 is just fine), the Rodgers/Tonyan stack is nice if you’re going to wait on TE and I’m personally higher on McLaurin and Cooper than most. Scary Terry is gonna feast with Fitzmagic.

The only pick I’d question and would be interested to hear who else was available was Michael Thomas. What round did you take him? He’s obviously a lotto ticket and I’ve selected him in a few leagues, but always pretty late.

I’d probably wish for a little more depth in the WR3 range, but if he hits after a few weeks, this is obviously a different convo. Sutton and Shenault will never be comfortable starts for you, so hopefully Thomas hits.

U can definitely contend. You almost never win your league at the draft. Waivers are alwsys going to be a big part.

Thanks. That was my logic on Gaskin also. Not a huge fan but as RB4 why not?

I got Thomas in the 8th. Probably a bit of a reach but I figured at that point with my RBs taking my flex and with an RB on the bench already as well I had the flexibility to take the shot on him. OBJ and Robbie were still on the board which looking back might have been safer WR3 and I could have grabbed Thomas in the 9th as WR4.

Absolutely. Already looking at WRs on the waiver and potential trades. Especially with Lance. If ARod holds up Lance is a beautiful trade piece.

Everyone is not going to get one of those quote on quote elite TEs but Tonyan is one of those later guys who has the opportunity to put up solid numbers with Rodgers.

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CMC, Harris, Cooper and McLaurin are all good and all make sense… but then it’s like he skipped rounds 5-7…

:rofl: this is a fair assessment. I tried to get value…maybe?