Draft Feedback 12 team PPR

Hey #FootClan, I’m new here and would love some feedback of you guys.

In our 12 Team FullPPR Money League ($600 for 1st place) we drafted 3 weeks ago. I know it was early, but no other chances of drafting later :woozy_face:

I picked at 7 and here’s my team:
QB: Hurts, Lance
RB: Zeke, Carson, Davis, Mostert
WR: Diggs, Kupp, D.Johnson, Aiyuk, C.Davis, Antonio Brown, M.Jones
TE: Waller

Your thoughts? I kinda love the depth of my team, but think I’m lacking a little bit at QB (especially after the Minshew-Trade). Could try to trade for ARod or TB12 (both on the same team) but I’m not sure if it’s worth giving up a good WR or RB for that… :thinking: Otherwise there are Fitzmagic, Wentz, Jameis, BigBen on waivers, but I’m not a fan of any of them either…

:v: cheers

Understatement alert. lol You don’t have a single starting QB on your roster! Although I can kind of forgive you for that, having drafted 3 weeks ago when there was still hope for Hurts. Still, you should have known better on Lance. Drop him for Winston and you might survive this–because the rest of your team is pretty solid.

Hard to give you an overall draft grade when you did so well other than completely impregnating the pooch at QB, so…

C- (A without including QBs)

you really think Minshew will be starter by week 1? in my opinion they’ll start Hurts and see if he’s capable of bringing some points home. the upside of his running-abilities seemed to me pretty solid.

and about Lance… idk why, but there was no real RB or WR left that got me, so i picked him in the last round just to be prepared if he’s gonna breakout in the first 5 games maybe.

my league completle went bonkers on QBs early, thats why i chose to draft late on QB… so not even Watson is availavle anymore…

maybe it’s best to trade for ARod (my leaguemate is a TB12 Fanboy and drafted him in the 3rd round, so no chance of getting him cheap):joy:

those are the available QBs…

I’d drop both your QBs for Winston and Jones.

I don’t know if Minshew is the answer, but I know Hurts is on awfully thin ice. They brought in Flacco, and tried to trade for DeSean Watson, and now they’ve acquired Minshew. Hurts has a 52% completion rate, so he’s going to have to get better or he’ll be benched. And I don’t know that Hurts doesn’t start a few games at the start of the year just to see if he can turn it around–but I don’t want my QB1 to be a guy trying to prove he can be an NFL starter, and I don’t think he lasts longer than 4-5 weeks.

Lance is a prospect, a talented athlete with long term upside–but as a QB, he only played ONE season of college football–two years ago, in 2019–and averaged 178 passing yards per game against FCS competition. I would be flabbergasted if he learns how to read and react to NFL defenses in his first season well enough to start over the QB who took them to the SuperBowl in 2019. He’s not a “first five games” kind of a prospect.

I agree in most of your points. both QBs are a lot of risk, especially Hurts. I mean Lance is just a experiment. as soon as I need a waiver pick he’s gonna fly, sure.
There is actually Fields available as well, but the same problem with him imho.

My concern about Winston is, that Hill will come in in RZ more often. so Winston’ll get the yards and Kamara, Hill will get the TDs. sure there will be some passing action in RZ but not the same as other teams…

With Jones, your with Daniel or BigMac?:sweat_smile:

Cause I’m actually not picking a Giants QB in any chance😜

Never mind then.

I would just remind you that when Jones was a rookie in 2019, with a healthy Barkley in the backfield, he was the QB6 in fantasy points per game from Week 8 onward. Barkley got hurt in 2020 and Jones sucked. Barkley is back, and the highest-rated deep passer in the NFL (yes, that’s Jones) now has a true #1 WR deep threat in Golladay, who was a top 10 WR himself when last he played.

But hey, start Hurts. Every 12 team league needs 11 non-winners too.

easy easy, it’s just that I really don’t like NYG…

I got the chance to trade for Stafford now :ok_hand: think he has a great ceiling in LA. I have to trade at least 2 WR or 1WR and 1RB to him. Mostert and A.B. perhaps?:grin:

Edit: he offers me Stafford for Mostert! sounds like a steal, doesn’t it?

Given that Mostert is your fourth RB and you need a starting QB badly, it’s a total steal.

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The thing is Axe, the same coach took basically the same player all the way to the Super Bowl in Kaepernik by playing to his athletic strengths.