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Draft feedback - any improvements?


Hey all!

So i finished my draft and was looking for some feedback and advice. This is a 12 team standard league (1QB,3WR,2RB,1TE,1Flex). I have been in the finals 3 times and lost every time… so this year I am looking to take home the whole shebang.

So… how’d I do?

QB- Ryan, Dalton
WR - Brandin Cooks, Tyreek Hill, Martavis Bryant, Adam Thielin, Ted Ginn Jr.
RB - David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, Frank Gore, Thomas Rawls, Joe Williams
TE - Hunter Henry
DEF - Giants
K - Walsh

Thanks all!


okay first things first, good job on getting to the finals 3 times. Secondly, I’d grade your draft a B+ with A potential. Your QB duo is amazing, so I like what you did. Your WR depth is very good, I personally like Bryant’s upside more than anyone there. Your Rb depth isn’t as great, but you can easily get away with starting Johnson and Cook and do very well with that. Henry is iffy. I have no problem going with him as long as Rivers doesn’t home in on Allen every time. And kicker/def… well… no one really minds those. Good job man and good luck!