Draft for the first 4 weeks & rely on the wire. Thoughts?

So gotta be honest, this isn’t an original thought, but I saw it on reddit & thought it was an interesting idea. I don’t really think like this at my drafts since I try to look long term too, but the spirit of the idea is pretty spot on. Waiver wire guys essentially win your leagues every year.

If you target guys like Damien Williams, Gurley, or Chubb - who a lot of people agree will help you early on but have question marks later on - and just take into account early season matchups, you can waiver wire your way to a championship.

Any thoughts on this?

This is essentially playing risk -tolerant. As opposed to risk averse.

The waiver wire can help fill holes on your squad. But building an entire team from the waiver wire is challenging, depending on your league size and depth.

I prefer a more moderate approach. Risk averse in early rounds and risk tolerant in later rounds.