Draft grade 10 team ppr

What would you give this draft? Drafting from the 3 spot 10 team full ppr?

i think you do a good job late of replacing the talent you give up by going kittle at the turn with your late round guys like harris, sanders, fitz, and westbrook. im not in love with some of the picks, but just because of team composition. like kenny G. i think you got him at a good spot, but i would prefer someone on a better O with more info on how he will be used, and staffords health.i also like that you balanced out the risk of your RB2 with a few players like guice who could be could not be, and then the steady one lamar miller as the reliable backup to your backup.

overall i think you did well, its just a team that makes me nervous if im the owner because from pick 3 on there are plenty of concerns for every player. i probably shouldnt lump kittle in that but i have concerns that he will boomerang pretty hard and come back down to a normal TE season which would make taking him in the 3rd a bust.

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I don’t ever use mocks as “practice” or anything set in stone because your draft won’t be like them. There’s too many auto picks in mocks or guys “trying out” some dumb strategy. You got OBJ at 18 and he shouldn’t be there then. I don’t see Williams making it to the 4th. He’s usually a early 3rd round pick.

Other than that. Guice I hate this year unless you have keepers involved. Newton in the 8th is too rich for my blood. Not a Golladay truther. I would rather have Godwin or Kupp. Miller is a safe/smart pick to backup your starting RBs but would of rather seen like a White/Cohen selection instead of Guice there in a PPR league. I’d rather have Pettis/Kirk/Samuel instead of Westbrook. I like the late round Fits/Sanders selections because they could still be the WR1 for their teams.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, this is only my second year ever of fantasy football. Last year I joined my friends league 30 minutes before the draft with a $50 buy in (stupid I know) & subsequently drafted Tom Brady 6th overall. Just trying to see what my teams look like if I draft a tight end early.

I don’t draft QBs until round 10 at the earliest. The difference between QB6 & QB14 was a total of like 32 points. QB 6 was Rodgers who was picked inside the top 4 rounds. QB14 was Brady who went undrafted in a lot of leagues.

For me it’s getting either Kelce in the 2nd or Ertz/Kittle in the 3rd. Even then I wouldn’t be too happy about the Ertz/Kittle pick. If I don’t land any of them, I’m waiting until super late to get a TE. I’d be happy with a Walker/Burton/Reed/Olsen/Graham type TE and I can get them in rounds 12+.