Draft grade - 12 team 1/2 point ppr

First, thank you so very much for the great show and expert analysis! I listened to the recent mock draft from the 9th spot multiple times leading up to my draft this evening. I ended up with the 9th pick and WOW I ended up with a very similar team and couldn’t believe that I was almost following the shows picks. I ended up going Gordon than Allen just as it went in the mock draft and here is the roster I ended up with. I feel confident and my only complaint is that I should have had Trey BooBoo except an idiot in the draft went with Gronk in the 2nd and then for some reason felt like he had to got Trey in the 7th when I was going to pounce.

|1.|(9)|Melvin Gordon (LAC - RB)|
|2.|(16)|Keenan Allen (LAC - WR)|
|3.|(33)|Jordan Howard (Chi - RB)|
|4.|(40)|Jarvis Landry (Cle - WR)|
|5.|(57)|Marshawn Lynch (Oak - RB)|
|6.|(64)|Dion Lewis (Ten - RB)|
|7.|(81)|Alshon Jeffery (Phi - WR)|
|8.|(88)|Sammy Watkins (KC - WR)|
|9.|(105)|Corey Clement (Phi - RB)|
|10.|(112)|Ricky Seals-Jones (Ari - TE)|
|11.|(129)|Marcus Mariota (Ten - QB)|
|12.|(136)|Matt Breida (SF - RB)|
|13.|(153)|Keelan Cole (Jax - WR)|
|14.|(160)|Pittsburgh (Pit - DEF)|
|15.|(177)|Matt Prater (Det - K)|

Right now I’m projected the 4th worst best in points according to yahoo, but I do not trust their projections. How does this roster look to you all?
(1/2 point ppr, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE flex, 1 QB, Kicker & DEF)

I think the team looks totally fine. You’ve got a pretty high floor for most of your starters with a few potential breakouts in the mix. I would be confident going into the season with this lineup.


I like your RB and WR situation but not much else. I don’t see, and take this preseason comment with a grain of salt, a clear FLEX play. Your TE could surprise this year. Arizona intends on using him as a receiving option and could be a favorite target of either QB. Speaking of QBs your’s scares me. But only a little bit. Sometimes he just seemed confused or misses his target. His less than great preseason showings reinforce my concerns with him, however his new coaching staff has me believing Mariota will be great long term. He has the pieces in front of him and now he seemingly has a coach who knows how to put those pieces together. The sky is the limit for MM but it could take some time. I’m very pissed I didn’t get him in my dynasty league.

What makes me feel a little better tho is in my draft yesterday I selected Gronk in the 2nd round (22nd pick) and before the TE slackers got their chance at Burton in the 7th I swooped him up. I immediately knew I had conjured a chemical reaction straight into the bloodstream of 25% of my league mates. I heard mumbling, a guy fumbled his pad and rotoworld magazine, another mate simply said “fuck you”. I had to share this after reading how the opposite happened to you.