Draft Grade 12 Team PPR

12 Team Full PPR:

QB: P. Rivers
RB: M. Gordon
RB: C. McCaffrey
WR: T. Hill
WR: M. Goodwin
TE: T. Burton
FLX: A. Collins

BN: E. Sanders
BN: Jamaal Williams
BN: J. Edelman
BN: N. Agholor
BN: K. Cole
BN: J. Wilkins

I already dropped my K and DST. Dez is still chillin on the waiver wire. Is anyone picking him up in case of a last minute signing? Also, Mike Williams went undrafted and I really wanted him… Is there anyone on my bench you’d dump for him? I don’t know that any of my bench WRs are just low upside bench fillers lol. If I can’t get him I may tell the new guy to pick him up just so my real competition can’t get him.