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Draft grade and suggestions on how to fix


I would like a draft grade on my team and any suggestions on how to upgrade. 12 team ppr.

QB- Carr/Dalton
RB’s- Elliot/Dmac
Dalvin cook
C Hyde
A Abdullah
C West
WR’s- Crabtree
Tyreek hill
J. Brown
J. Maclin
R. Cobb
K white
TE - A Hooper
K- D Hopkins
DEF- I usually stream Defense so this week i have
the Bills
I know I need serious help here I’m not sure how I got into this mess in the first place, lol


Looks like you’ll be streaming TE’s also. Find someone who’s week in the RB’s, ship Abdullah for a WR that has a safe PPR floor. Drop C West, I’d rather have guys like Jaquizz, Duke, Sproles


RBs are solid but lack PPR aspect except for Cook. WRs have the same issue, Crabtree is as always a great value and has a safe floor but his ceiling is volatile as its TD dependent. Tyreek and J Brown are big play WRs so that volatility on both ends. The WR depth is decent, but overall your roster could use some stability.


The best way to stabilize this team may actually be to find someone who loves Derek Carr and trade him to them. I’d rather have Dalton anyway, and the hype on Carr is out of control. I second dropping West.


Thanks for the advice, do u think dak is a better option at qb? I
received an offer straight up


Duke , sproles, jaquez are all taken. I was offered a deal today it was i
give Hyde, j maclin, j brown for C mccaffery , a Peterson and c
davis…or they offered just mccaffery, Peterson for hyde,
maclin…would either of those help


I was offered 2 deals today and was wondering if 1 of them may help …i
give hyde, maclin , jbrown for mccaffery, a Peterson and Corey Davis or
the second was Hyde, maclin for mccaffery , a Peterson


I would do it. I like CMC (McCaffrey) over Hyde especially in PPR, and CAR has the 3rd best strength of schedule for RBs and his flexibility in the passing game gives him a safer floor. SF on the other hand has the worst strength of schedule for RBs, and particularly in the beginning of the season as SF plays CAR, SEA, LAR, ARI in weeks 1-4.

With Zeke out weeks 2-8, assuming the 6 week suspension is upheld by the league as well and isn’t reduced, having a stronger RB corps to start the season will be helpful.

I would do the 2nd trade since I like JBrown’s upside and don’t think Corey Davis will boom his rookie year due to Mariota’s rapport with Rishard Matthews and Walker, and Decker’s strength in the endzone.


I do prefer Prescott to Carr. I like McCaffrey too, but you’re giving up quite a bit. I’d want to get more back. Peterson doesn’t move the needle for me at all. I’d rather have Hyde and Maclin than McCaffrey and Davis.