Draft grade/opinions

12 team ppr at the #1 with auction style waivers
QB- Aaron Rodgers
WR-Stefon diggs
wr2-jarvis landry
wr3-robby anderson
rb1-todd gurley
rb2-marshawn lynch
te-greg olson
flex- sterling shepherd
k-chris boswell
qb-matt stafford
rb-bilal powell
wr-mike williams
rb-james white
wr-john brown
te-austin hooper

Pretty solid starters.

Not sure why you have 2 QBs in a single QB league. Especially when you decide to spend on Aaron Rodgers. You’re never going to start stafford over him regardless of matchup so you basically have a bench guy who likely cost something given stafford is a top 10 QB. Would’ve much rather seen more depth at RB or WR.

Also, not sure why you have 2 TE after spending on someone like Olsen. Just seems like wasted $ and roster spots to me.

Just spent a pick on insurance for rodgers or some trade value. yeah i spent my last pick on another te when i should’ve added depth but i feel comfortable with this team. now i just have to worry about when injuries start to hit