Draft help! 10 team, standard

Hey Footclan! I will be drafting this Sunday in a 10 team standard league. I have the 5th pick, which I typically love however this year I am torn on what to do! I am currently leaning Kamara (assuming none of Gurley, Bell, DJ, or Zeke) drop to 5. I have also considered AB or Gordon at this spot. Any thoughts?

Also, my other question is what to do around round 5. I am anticipating going RB/RB/WR/WR through the first four rounds, though I am unsure of what RB to look for in round 5. I like Royce Freeman, I have seen Dion Lewis and Marshawn there in most mocks, though I don’t know what direction to take.

Appreciate all thoughts!

in a standard, i wouldnt touch kamara. low touch guys have so much less of a chance to get TDs for you. i would go gordon. high touch, high TD chance. 12 TDs each of the last 2 years. over 300 touches and 10 TDs is what he should be around end of season. cant argue with AB either, guy is just a beast. so either one of them over kamara.

I’m in a similar situation, 5th pick in a 10-team league (except ours is PPR). I’m leaning either Barkley or Kamara at the 5 (again, assuming the top 4 are all gone). I would say I’m considering Gordon too but I’m wondering/hoping he falls into the 2nd round in my league. (Plus 5th seems a tad high, regardless of how good he is)

I typically like to go RB-WR (which is why I’m not considering AB) And then either WR-RB in the 3rd/4th or vice versa, depending on value available.

don’t get locked into a scheme like RB/RB/WR/WR…you could miss something big that falls to you.

And you don’t want to miss out on that 2d round tier of wideouts: Thomas, Allen, Davante, and AJ.

Stay flexible…not rigid…