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Draft Help - 12 Person Keeper League, 0.5 PPR, 6th pick


12 Person Keeper League
0.5 PPR
1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 DOUBLE FLEX
I am the 6th overall pick, I am currently keeping Travis Kelce for a 5th rounder and Paul Perkins for a 14th rounder. I am anticipating David Johnson, Leveon, Antonio and OBJ going 1-4.

At 6th overall, I am looking at one of these players, Julio Jones, LeSean Mccoy, Mike Evans, AJ Green and Devonte Freeman. Who would you rank as the top 3 I should take? I was originally leaning towards Mccoy but a slightly concerned about the Buffalo’s offense regressing and him having to deal with a stacked box


Either Jones or Evans.

I’d lean Evans only because of stability and offensive growth as far as the team goes, but we all know Jones is a beast. Those would be the only two I’d consider.


@matthew_eaton thanks for the input, my only concern with WR is that RB depth is so thin this year. Many RBs are already being kept like Demarco, Melvin, Abdulah, Ty Montgomery, Jordan Howard so I won’t be able to get one on the way back. I’m a little concerns about Shady this year because of the regression the Bills offense might take.


@WesleyHWang The thing to keep in mind is the top RBs will often finish out of the top positions and new RBs will end up in their place.

Don’t get too hung up on the names.

I’ll give you an example. I play in a 6 team dynasty. I have Bell, McCoy, and Jordan as my RBs. All of their situations make me nervous. I focused on getting younger talent on my team that can make at least a good showing for one year while the vets settle their issues accordingly. I went out and acquired Fournette and Cook before their ADP rose a bit too much to scare me off. I know there are other teams that will have “surprise RBs” starting for them before the season is over.

Don’t worry about the scarcity at RB only because most teams don’t consider RB a focal point of their game. They are getting to the point of TEs where you can pick good matchups based on the week and the need. Elite (not spelled with ELI) WRs are always hard to come by.

Worse comes to worse, you take one of those ELITE WRs and offer a trade. Target a team thin on WR and rich in RB and see what you can swing.


If its just picking, all things being equal, i would do what the guys say! Pick the one that is ranked higher. Julio.