Draft Help .5 ppr keeper

10 team .5 ppr 2 flex league (Slow Draft)

I made quite a few trades and it is a one player keeper league. I traded the second overall pick and keeper rights to Henderson (before they traded for Sony obviously) for picks 12 and 13 and 48. I kept diggs for a 6th rounder. I also moved up to pick 15 from pick 19. My current team is Aaron Jones, Chubb, Diggs, Ridley. My next picks are 22 39 42 48. I was thinking about grabbing waller at 22 and 2 WR at 39 and 42 (unless a good rb is there) if they drop to 39 and 42. I was going to wait for tight end but since I have WR RB set I feel it may be a good time to to get the advantage at TE and then fill out the flex spots at 39 and 42. Or should I go with someone like Mixon/CEH or Ceedee at 22?

List of players kept: Diggs, Cook, Henderson, DK, Dobbins, Gibson, Mclaurin, Montgomery, Jefferson, Kelce

You have a nicely balanced start, so don’t try to predetermine your draft picks; just take the best available player when you’re on the clock.

For me, that wouldn’t be a TE, but at least you have four solid starters before drafting a TE, so it’s not insane. I’d be all over Mixon or Lamb as a RB3/WR3 if either of them were available.

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