Draft Help - 6th pick

I have the 6th pick in a 12 team 0.5 ppr Keeper league. I kept Michael Thomas in the 2nd and Aaron Jones in the 9th.

Based off the other keepers, looks like ill have the option to pick from Davante Adams or Julio Jones for my first round but also debating whether i should reach for Joe Mixon/Todd Gurley/Melvin Gordon (should have more news by the time i get to my draft) in the first round to ensure i have a top RB as well with MT.

Any advice?

I would go gordon if he doesnt hold out but if he does then I would go adams…thomas is consistent but doesn’t give boom games as often…Julio is similiar to thomas in that fashion adams can give you the 2-3 td games with rodgers but wont have the yardage thomas and julio would have.

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I have the same pick in a 1/2 ppr redraft. Debating whether to take my top receiver in Adams or take my 5th ranked RB in David Johnson if the top 4 RB’s are gone. The guy with the 5th pick has told me he’s taking Le’Veon.

I agree with boardereric9. If Gordon is signed and happy he is the move, but I would go Davante, then Julio before reaching on a later RB. However, since you do have Aaron Jones it might be better for your roster to go Julio. The Falcons play in domes almost all of their games this season and in case the Matt LeFluer offense in Green Bay isn’t as successful as anticipated, you aren’t bought into it fully with both a WR and RB.

However, I had both Davante and Aaron Jones on a team last year and it was pretty phenomenal most of the time. There were a couple games where they BOTH went off into the high 20s and Davante didn’t have a single bust game, as safe as it gets.

If you like rooting for the Packers, take Davante, if you don’t want all in on one team, go Julio.

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If Melvin gets paid and he’s there at 6 it’s a no brainer, but if he holds out I have a tough decision.

In your case, if Melvin Gordon does hold out, I have Adams ranked higher than Julio so I would take him. The pairing of Adams and Jones wouldn’t concern me. Although I do like Julio too. I wouldn’t reach for a RB unless Gordon is going to play this year then take him.

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I was thinking Adams was the best bet but was iffy about going all in on Green Bay. Last year the offense wasnt that great and both put up good numbers so i guess i shouldnt worry. Really hoping Gordon gets his contract situation taken care of because then my decision would be much easier.