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Draft Help for Unique League


I have a draft coming up, and it is a 12 team PPR league with a bonus for QB’s and for defense/special teams. I can’t mock draft for this league at all, but I could do some mock drafts on a simulatior, such as on FantasyDraftWizard. Which allows me to customize QB scoring settings, as well as all other positions, but not for defense/special teams.
It’s an interesting league where it’s balanced out, where the defense does matter, and I can’t wait until the end of the draft to pick a defense. So, is there a site for mock draft simulations that allow for more customization such as this?


I’m not aware of any. Out if curiosity, what are the QB bonuses and how are Defenses made to matter more?


For QB bonuses, 6 pt. TD pass. Every 25 passing yards +2. 40 yard TD pass +1 and 50 yard TD pass +2. For 300+ passing yards +2, 400 passing yards +3.
Also, 2 points for every 25 kick or punt return yards. Every 5 tackles is a point. If there is only 1-6 points allowed in game, that’s +4, and if only 100-199 yards allowed in a game, +6. And the scoring is more forgiving…if 550 plus yards allowed, it’s only -2.


Wow that’s complicated, but very interesting. I’ve always hated standard D/ST rules. I honestly don’t know if it would even be possible to mock with scoring that specific. You need to have a lot if info for automated mocks like Fantasy Pros, or a lot of people for live Mocks. I think coming by both would be difficult.


Right, it is different. Just have to feel out the draft, and get the mid tier Quarterbacks and defense/special team where I’d generally wait next to last, but in this league it would be a terrible mistake. Though I’m going to give this league a shot, I think I like this idea.


Idk if I agree honestly. Defenses are extremely difficult to predict as far as season stats go. Not so much week to week. Streaming defenses still seems like a decent option in this league, especially when a team like the Chargers will likely be available late. I think they have a real shot at a top 5 D this year, and they’re close to undrafted. I also think ATL and Pitt are sneaky late picks. My one concern would be a market overreaction in which everyone drafts 2 defenses (similar to what happens in a 2 QB league). That would be ridiculous, but I could see it happening.