Draft help! miles sanders!

So I am a MONSTER eagles fan and LOVE drafting at least one guy from my team. Sanders is MY GUY this year but the news coming out of Philly is HORRIBLE. He’s running “shadow drills?!” His hammy sounds like it’s serious enough for him to miss a couple weeks and possibly be plagued all year if he doesn’t let it heal. Should I avoid him whole heartedly in the draft and hope to just grab sleeper super star Greg Ward to have a little exposure of my beloved eagles team on my roster, or risk drafting Sanders but then reach for Boston Scott, who proved to be a total stud at the end of last year? Ask for some guidance on some money leagues with drafts in the next couple days.

Foot clan, assemble!!!

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I am a huge Eagles fan as well. I grabbed him in the 2nd round after taking Adams with the 10th pick Also have Jacobs, Carson and Taylor so hoping it works out.

I have Mattison and was thinking of grabbing Scott but might hold tight.

You could always grab Wentz but depending where you are picking from you could get a stud rb in the first and Sanders might be there in the second.

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If this is a redraft, then I would step out of the Eagles Fan part (hard I know) and possibly use the injury factor you’re talking about as a tie breaker if there is someone else, like maybe Josh Jacobs… But if you do really like him and want him, I don’t see anything wrong with taking him and then reaching for Scott. I mean, I strongly believe Boston Scott will have a stand alone role as well as extremely high upside if Sanders misses time. If this is Dynasty, then who cares if he’s hurt now, since you’ll be keeping the team forever anyway.

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Sorry to ask my own question but my RB are below. Would you drop Mattison to grab Scott or hang tight. Thanks



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That is all about what you prefer here. Do you prefer to have Scott which could have some stand alone value and insurance for Sanders? Or do you prefer Mattison who could also have some stand alone value, but then if Sanders stays healthy, and Cook gets injured, or a slight chance he gets traded if they decide they aren’t resigning him, then you could have starting RB’s of Sanders, Jacobs, Carson, and Mattison. Personally I would stay put especially this year. We hear all the experts say if the starter goes down for the week due to being on the COVID/IR list, then you have the back up, but I’m a little worried that if one RB gets it, the whole RB room could potentially be exposed as well. I feel like diversifying your backfields would be the best thing to do personally.

But again, Scott for Insurance, Mattison for upside potential of 4 different starting RB’s at any point during the season.

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Thanks for your advice -Awesome

I might just hang tight . Thanks

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Didn’t see this before the draft sorry!

Think picking Scott up late as a backup was the right thing to do there.

The rest of your team is pretty well balanced so I think you’ll do well.

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It’s funny, I’m also an Eagles and my rule is always NOT draft any Eagles except an occasional defense stream.
I had the 4th pick in a 12 man league and Miles Sanders dropped to me in the second round; I pondered forever but I didn’t let him drop anymore. I don’t feel good about it but I’m gonna ride it.

Frankly, I think I probably would’ve felt more comfortable grabbing someone like Ekeler or Kelce and grabbing Boston Scott in much later rounds. But here I am. Screw it!

So my extremely long-winded answer is yeah maybe avoid Sanders unless you hear better news. Zack Ertz has been dropping but won’t be for long. Grab him. Or Boston Scott later on.

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Drop Mattison for Scott is what I would do.

you mean you’re scared of the RB’s catching this?

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no worries, i put this up after the draft. made a couple misteps but that was probably the beer lol.

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Lol. Good luck guys

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So I am keeping Miles Sanders, monitoring the news, and reaching for Boston Scott, who honestly should have flex stand alone value.

I just cannot get over keeping and reaching for a QB. I know Lamar was a beast last year, but they have so many rushing mouths to feed that comes at Lamar’s expense. There is also the chance he and Ingram get consistently pulled in games since they have an easy schedule. I cannot bank on the fact he repeats the amazing numbers as last year, and Lamar is on the cover of MADDEN… Going to look for Brady, Wentz, Big Ben or Cam, and will Roster Bridgewater as I think he’s highly under rated.

Lots of good QB options this year… good luck.

Wentz1013 How the f*** did you end up with Jacobs at the end of the 3rd round??? haha

Also a big Eagles fan, and Sanders worries me a bit, but if they were that concerned then I think they would’ve grabbed Lenny, AP, or Freeman. Since we haven’t made moves to get them I don’t think it’s too much of a concern and I would be willing to draft him probably towards the end of the 3rd tier of RBs

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Have faith in Sanders!! Your RB’s are looking pretty legit. I’m no Eagles fan because I’m a fan of the real bird team (GO HAWKS!) haha, but I do like Miles Sanders and I believe the hype for him this year. Besides, if it doesn’t pan out, you are stacked either way. Good luck!

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