Draft help

Hey guys I’m drafting tomorrow in a 16 team full point ppr league and have a couple quick questions I could use some advice on
Gurley or Dez
Dalvin Cook, Keenan, or Davante Adams
Abdullah or Perkins
Kelvin Benjamin, Snead, or Brandon Mashall
Ertz or Ebron
Martin or Woodhead
Thanks again guys


Here’s what I think, just based off of the position scarcity.

Dez - I said in an earlier post Dez will struggle this year due to the CB matchups, but a full point PPR will make up for this. Gurley might do well, but he is still an unproven commodity on a bad team. Unless the Rams change their starting QB, go Dez.

Cook - I’ll pick Cook because he can make catches from the backfield. I know I might be a homer (sad, yet realistic, Vikings fan), but the way they plan on using him will give him more opportunities in a PPR setting. He’ll be a good asset for a pass catching RB. He may not be an RB1, but he’ll make the catches.

Abdullah - I hate this one, but I’d rather have a marginally functional RB versus one that might not even start.

Benjamin - This one is going to be a sneaky pick. Everyone will lean toward Snead, but I don’t think this is a good choice. Benjamin might eat as many burgers as he catches passes this year, but he is still the 1st WR on a team changing their philosophy. If only there was some way to smother the football in special sauce…

Ertz - Ebron has been the fantasy darling for 4 years and has yet to prove it. The Lions have an outside big WR with Golladay, so I think this might make things more difficult for Ebron to make his catches. Granted, a strong sneeze might put Ebron on a 18 game injury bender, but still. Ertz is the only game in town for the Eagles.

Martin - Yeah, I hate it too, but Martin might still be worth a pick here even if you have to eat the 3 game suspension. He will be a feature back in a good offense that will spread the D out a little bit. This will give him a good opportunity to run. He won’t be Bell levels of production after a suspension, but he will be better than most. Take his handcuff and then you should be okay.

Hopefully that helps and good luck!

Martin (this is a tough decision)