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I have the #1 pick in my Fantasy Football Draft this weekend and while doing Mock Drafts I’ve come across a couple of questions on who to take at certain rounds/picks-----Dalvin Cook, Freeman, or McCaffrey with the 20th pick if WR’s like Green, Adams, and Thomas are gone? JUJU, Crabtree, Sanders, Corey Davis, Goodwin, Watkins, or Cobb in the 6th-7th round? Josh Gordon or Demaryius Thomas in the 4th-5th round? When should you take Aaron Rodgers or a QB of that tier?

Answers are greatly appreciated… :slight_smile:

How may teams? Scoring format? Flex/superflex?

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10 team, full point PPR, with one FLEX spot

This is one of those scenarios where you need to wait and see who all is on the board. It is very difficult to say you should take this guy and what not in those later rounds. It honestly depends on your roster construciton up to that point. My advice in that catagory is take safe picks in round 1-3. After that target the league winners and guys with high upside to counteract the safe picks. Or vice versa go high up side to start, and in the middle rounds take safe picks.

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Gordon’s ADP is skyrocketing and a lot of sites are ranking him as a top 20 WR, so I doubt he’ll be there in the 4th-5th. But the WR pool is so deep this year.

I assume you’d go with a monster RB with the #1 pick. I’d probably go with the best back on the board at 20 and Gronk/Adams at 21. They’d more than likely be there in a 10 team league.

QB’s are tricky. I know guys in my league will probably take Rodgers in the early to mid 3rd. So you really have to just watch how the draft is going and just pull the trigger when you think it’s right. If he’s there at the 4th-5th flip, you gotta take him.

Good luck!

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