Draft how’d I did/trade advice

10 man half point PPR I feel weak at RB, but let me know what y’all think! Thanks for the advice.
Big Ben
Melvin Gordon
Royce Freeman
Julio Jones
Adam Thielen
Jay Ajayi
Trey Burton
Matt Bryant
Rex Burkhead
Sammy Watkins
Robbie Anderson
Cooper Kupp
Marlin Mac
Chris Godwin
Courtland Sutton

I really, really like this draft

Excellent balance and depth. Love JJ in the 2nd. Insane value for someone who could easily finish as THE WR1.

Not a big fan of Big Ben as your QB though. His home/road splits are a real thing. But it shouldn’t really be an issue at all cause in a 10 man league, plenty of streaming options. Personally, If i don’t get rodgers, i just stream and try and get my positional advantages elsewhere.

Stafford, Cousins, and Rivers are all on our waiver so do you think I should try to snag one and drop Ben? That pick was a product of my internet going down during late rounds and having to finish out the draft on my phone lol

Thank you!

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Go get stafford for sure. And just keep dropping/waiving between Staff/rivers/cousins/ben depending on matchups. If Ben is at home, can take him when Staff has a bad matchup for example.