Draft Kelce or No? *split PPR scoring*

Have a question on position I should go with round 1.

I am in a PPR league that favors tight ends, scoring below:

RB/WR - .5 points every 1 reception, .06 points for every RuReYd

TE - 1 point every 1 reception, .08 points for every RuReYd.

I have the #5 pick in my draft, and TEs usually go early. Before I pick the second time I suspect 4x will be taken (Historically that’s how it happens in this league). If the Top 4 RBs are taken ahead of me, I’m debating taking Kelce with that pick over Hopkins or Adams. Does a move like that make sense or should I hold out for a later TE that could still give value? We have 1x designated for TE’s but 3 flex that can be RB/TE/WR. Only one of each position needs to start.

I’d take Kelce before any of the WR’s. In those scoring settings, Kelce outscored Michael Thomas (Led league in Rec) by almost 70 pts.