Draft mccaffrey?

Worried about Cam and JStew swooping in and vulturing TDs. Fournette or Mel Gordon should still be on the board. Thoughts?

J stew is gone but they picked up cj Anderson… that being said it’s a who’s on the board choice to me. I’d take fornette and Gordon over him for sure but I was just in a 14 team draft and had pick 13 and nabbed Odell then McCaffrey he definitely has a lot of potential as long as his body doesn’t break down

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If Gordan and Fournette are still on the board, i would go with one of them before McCaffrey. McCaffrey is still a solid pick IMO. But with the holes in the O-line and Cam taking a lot of the goal line looks, you’ll have a more consistent output with Fournette and Gordon.


I agree with the other posters. Perhaps in a full ppr league mcaff would have been a consideration, but I think gordon and fournette are in one tier above mcaff regardless.


Agreed with the above, though I may take CMC over Fornette in full PPR. If they’re gone, I’d be very happy with CMC.