Draft McKinnon/Guice in Keeper Leagues?

Where would you draft McKinnon or Guice in keeper leagues, if at all? We have an IR spot and keepers cost the round they were drafted less one round each year kept. So If I snag one of them in the 15th and stash him in my IR spot all year, I can keep him for a 14th next year and a 13th the year after and so on.

Assuming you have keepers already, I would think anything after 10th round if you really want him. I am targeting him in the 12th and beyond in mine but we can only keep for the following year.

Seems like a good strategy. thanks.

I don’t know that it’s worth it. I’m a viking fan and the issue with McKinnon has always been durability, and that’s always with coming from a backup role on top. I honestly don’t think he comes back to get the top role at SF, especially given how front loaded the contract was, all the money owed was really due year one. year 2 has a small enough portion that they can cut him if they can get someone better in free agency next year. If you really wanna take the flyer, as late as you can with him is the only way to get any true value.

appreciate it. i was leaning towards trying to stash guice anyways because i agree with you.