Draft (my team) results

So. After my trade for Antonio Brown, my keepers were Gurley and Brown and here is my draft. I had 10 th pick on 10 team 2 keeper standard scoring.

Round Player

1 - Gurley (keeper)
2 - Brown (keeper)
3 - K Drake
4 - Ty Hilton
5 - Royce Freeman
6 - Carlos Hyde
7 - R Penny
8 - Corey Davis
9 - Trey Burton
10 - Kelvin Benjamin
11- Jordan Wilkins
12- Adrian Peterson
13 - P Mahomes
14 - Kellan Cole
15 - John Ross
16 - Ravens D
17 C Boswell.

So in summary

RBS : Wrs :
Gurley. A Brown
Drake Ty Hilton
Freeman. Corey Davis
Hyde. Kelvin Benjamin
Penny. Keelan Cole
Wilkins John Ross

I feel very happy with the amount of high upside players that I got. I will say I am about to get Rivers because a guy has Rodgers and dropped him. So planning on dropping Mahomes. I am pumped I think I like my team. What do you guys think?

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That is a stout lineup ma dude! Congrats on killing the draft

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Thanks @Ghost228 ! I appreciate that. Iā€™m happy with the amount of Rbs that fell to me.