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Draft opinions for standard dynasty format


I have 4 options that all could fall in my lap with the 3rd overall pick. Beast mode, fornette, mixon, Corey Davis, mccafery. Who would you take? I know beast mode isn’t gonna play more then 2 yrs at most. But can be a now type of guy I could use.


Is your text built to win now? Or are you trying to build for the future?


I’m definitely a contender in my league but I would say I’m in between my roster is full of so so situations. I have Carlos Hyde, Thomas rawles, mark Ingram, Jordan Howard, Derek Henry, deandre Hopkins, Sammy Watkins, Brandon cooks, Corey Coleman, Tyler eifert, Big Ben & Derek Carr


I was in a very similar situation and traded up to get an additional 1st round pick. I ended up with the 1.02 and the 1.06. I know 1.01 will be Fournette so I plan on – as of right now – taking lynch at 2 and taking whatever top rookie is left at 6 (the 5th rookie, probably Mixon or Dalvin in my league).

In your situation, I would consider selling the pick for a top notch WR. Maybe pair the pick with Ingram or Cooks and go fishing for top 5 WR1s. Jordan Howard and Derek Henry are both elite and young - so you’re not desperate for another young stud RB. good luck!


With your situation, I would take McCaffery or Corey Davis. Do not take Marshawn Lynch, not only will you not get a third year of production, there is a 50% or even higher than 50% chance Lynch is a total bust THIS year. Last time we saw Lynch playing on a field, he was an inferior back to Thomas Rawls. I’m kind of mistified at the Lynch love. He’s worth a mid round-flier round pick, but no way should he be carrying the value he is at the moment


Thanks for the advice guys


I’d go Corey Davis all the way. Young WRs last much longer than RBs for Dynasty.


Corey Davis or whoever you like between Mixon and McCaffery


Thanks again guys Corey Davis it is