Draft Order (Creativity vs Convenience)

This topic will probably come up in the coming months, but I was just curious about how everyone determines their league’s draft order? Last year, my league assigned members to horses and did the Triple Crown races and we also threw in the Home Run Derby.

This year, we were deciding between mini-golf or just picking randomly (cards, numbers out of a hat). I think it honestly depends on how committed and how easy it is to get your group together.

What’s everyone’s best and also most convenient way of determining the draft order? Cheers!

This year I was going to have a local brewery bottle 12 beers for our league mates and hide a number under the label.

In the past though, I’ve just pulled numbers out of a hat.

One year, i did it in the order that the league dues were paid and as commish I pulled my number out of the hat for 1-5.

Our league is 16 teams, 4 divisions. Your division is your teammates and we compete in various Events we call “Olympics”. Whatever division wins gets gets their choice of where they want to draft (Usually they pick the top spot available but some people would rather pick later). How you decide who picks first among the winners is decided amongst yourselves. It makes our draft day experience a lot longer, but cheering/booing everyone on adds to the competition. Examples of events include air hockey, Mario Kart, flip cup, 3 point contest, etc.