Draft Order Thoughts

10 team non-PPR
Non-traditional as we have the following:
1 RB

Snake Draft

As the winner of the league last year I get first choice of my draft order - everyone thinks it’s a given I take the #1 spot. I am just curious if there any people that prefer to draft later on the order than the 1 spot and why?

Congrats… On the #1 pick

Does you league allow any trading of picks?

If so i would try to trade you number 1 pick for another 1st and 3rd.

If not I’d honestly go pick #3… You still get any of the top studs in that position and you pick earlie in the 2nd… I’m just not a fan of being on either turn… I like to be a little off the turn… As i can better predict who i need to take now and who i can wait on. That’s my take… But #1 is great as well… But i wouldnt go lower than pick #4 for me.

#3 is the choice i would make

I would go 4th or 5th and take whichever of (Bell, Gurley, Elliot, Johnson, Kamara) falls to you. Then have an earlier pick in the 2nd round.

Not a fan of the #1 pick.

Being 10 teams i’d want to pick 3 -6.

I’m a fan of being in the middle of the round so you are picking every 8-12 picks and not waiting 19 picks between picks. Don’t have to reach as much for players you want

This year i’d probably pick 4. Bell and Gurley will be gone for sure but you’ll get Zeke, DJ, Kamara Brown or Barkley and then are picking again at 16

No trading of picks.

Thanks for the thoughts, I like the strategy of being every few picks as well as knowing there is a solid RB1 still available.

I would take pick 1.05 or 1.06.

Gurley, Bell, Zeke, DJ, AB are all in the same tier for me. Below that is Barkley at 1 .06 if you want to take a little gamble.

Considering what Gurley did all season long and his fantasy postseason, we would do whatever is needed to make sure he is on that team.

I like the 1.04 or 1.05 pick this year. You will get either Zeke, D Johnson or Kamara. Makes yur #2 pick that much earlier and you can be strategic by grabbing another RB and then stacking a few WR’s with your next 2-3 selections.