Draft Pick Negotiating

I have the 10th pick in a 12 team half ppr with 2 flex spots. The 3rd pick is willing to negotiate picks. If i was to offer a deal what would be an appropriate offer to move up? This is my second year in a league where the draft picks are pre determined and I’m not sure whats too much or too little to give up. Thanks!

It’s an inexact science, but here are a few resources you can use to try to land on something fair, or at least to get a ballpark idea:


I’m super analytical, so I like using data to determine value. I also like putting in guys I’d likely draft at the respective positions to see what makes a fair trade. Sometimes seeing potential names instead of numbers (e.g. 1.03 is CMC and 1.10 is Joe Mixon… Who would I package and at what respective picks are those guys going?)

Just some thoughts. Good luck!