Draft pick time limits

I’m wondering has anyone ever done a draft to where you have 24hrs or no time to restraint to pick. Only restraint being it has to be done before the season? Thoughts? Pros & Cons? Please
Thank you

All my online drafts are typically slow drafts and I highly recommend them. The only con is they can take a bit long but in this day and age its tough to get 10 or more people to be available at the same time.

For our keeper league we do an email draft on fleaflicker. No time limits, but we try to agree a time slot for everyone to be online so we can at least get a handful of rounds done in relatively quick time.

We found without this the draft can drag a bit and the “almost live” aspect keeps it interesting without as much of a time pressure.

In keeper leagues and dynasty you don’t want someone getting screwed by the clock. Just kills the fun

Our league sometimes has to have offline drafts, personally I hate it as I think it benefits people who fail to do their homework.

If you are going to do an offline I highly recommend to have a time limit; we give 24hrs. If we don’t have the time limit, we have seen that drafter who waits days so they can see if anyone got hurt in a preseason game. In our league we give the 24hrs, then auto-draft their team, but fill the starting lineup first. This does mean they get that Def/Kicker before their first bench RB/WR; so it does give incentives to stay responsible.

I should also mention that we are pretty easy with this 24hr rule, and are not staring at the clock with anticipation. If we know someone is traveling for work or if they send a text saying that they will do it when they get home, we let it slide until then. I think it’s important to use the time limit as a means to keep the draft going and not as a tool to jump queue.

The draft time only accounts for peoples schedules and situations.

Any discussion based limiting draft time due to a person waiting/delaying/timing out is reduced to discussing the calibre of managers in your league.


What @fun4willis said!!! If you have the right people, hopefully you shouldn’t have to worry about people taking advantage… hopefully