Draft pick trade advice

1.04 and 1.09 for Amari Cooper? Leaning yes.

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someone is offering you the 1.04 and 1.09 for cooper? if thats the case hell yes. i dunno if im the only one, but i have never liked his game. and with crabtree potentially being gone i expect his game to go down even more.

I think Cooper has a ton of talent. This year can’t be ignored, but he has already proven he can be a highly productive WR in the league. And he’s not even 24 yet. Especially if you’re going to draft a WR, I’d strongly consider how hard it’s been recently to identify the ones who are going to produce.

I’d probably hold Cooper.

I’ll elaborate. I was offered Cooper. Reports from Oakland were that he was injured all season last year so that could be a decent explainer for a weird season. Trying to not give up the 9. I also own the 1.1. This would make my core Barkley, Derrick Henry, OBJ, ARob and Cooper

Then I would made that trade, but try to give up less if I could.

He pulled the offer as soon as I countered. So that was fun while it lasted.

Gotcha. I’ve has success with offering pick swaps in place if just giving up both picks. Something like 1.04 and 1.09 for Cooper and his 2nd.

Yeah that was my counter offer

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I hold out as long as possible to see where prospects are drafted.

I also have Amari Cooper. Very frustrating but he is only 24. Same age as some rookies. Played hurt last year.

If it is the #1 pick I absolutely pull trigger.

Good luck.