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Draft Pick Trade - Need Help


I have the #4 pick in a 12 team full PPR redraft. I have been offered by the guy with the 5th pick his first round pick #5 and his 15th round pick (last round) for my 2nd round pick (#20) and my third round pick (#29). Should I pull the trigger and then I will have picks 4 and 5 in the draft but not pick again till rpound 4?


This is tricky. On the one hand, you will have 2 studs right out of the gate, but you will probably miss out on some good tier 2 guys.

I think I would do it. If the draft starts with the 3 RBs, you could start your team with AB and either Shady or a 2nd WR like Julio (my pick) or ODB. If one of the RBs makes it to you, you get a top 3 RB and a top 3 WR.

I would probably go with WR and RB. With pick 44 you get a shot at Alston, Adams, or maybe Watkins at WR or Gurley, Marshawn or Woodhead at RB.


Thanks! Yeah I’m really struggling with this one. Its something like Julio
and a throw away for Hilton and Baldwin/gronk (in a mock I just did that
came out my second and third pick). Is Julio that much better then Hilton
to make it worth it???


I’d take it as i see you most likely getting Two tier one Wr. and to answer your second question, yes Julio is that much better than T.Y. We don’t even know for sure if luck will start the season. I’d rather not deal with Hilton headaches to start the year.


But what if it’s Jordy and Gronk/Baldwin still worth it? Jor dy may last
till my second round pick as we are a 2 qb league


If it is a 2 QB league and one or 2 of the top 3 go QB, you have a shot at Leveon/Julio or DJ/Antonio (I probably wouldn’t want AB and Bell if I had good options).

Do the mocks and see what you get.