Draft Pick Trade (w. Keepers)

I just converted a 10-team redraft to a 1 Keeper league and I’m considering a draft pick trade. Draft is tomorrow night.

I’m keeping Saquon with the 1.09. I have interest in my 2.02 and 3.09 straight up for the 1.03. Highest rank players that could be available would at 1.03 are Zeke, Thomas, Mahomes.

Would you make that trade?

Quick note is that 1st rounders can’t be kept next year, so I’m also giving up 2 potential keepers for a player I know I can’t keep in 2021.

Gotta decide 2 things…

  1. Are you wanting to ensure a win now? Having only 1 keeper doesn’t really make or break the following year’s team.

  2. Mock it a few times and see who you can get at 2.02 and 3.09 then ask yourself would my team be better with Barkley and Zeke, or Barkley and the 2.02 and 3.09.

Personally don’t know if I could do that and then not pick again til round 4, but might not be too bad in a 10 team league and 2 1st rounders.