Draft Pick Trade?

I’m in a 12-man HPPR league 1QB/3RB/3WR/1TE (no FLEX) and I’m sitting at the 10th “choice” in the draft. In years past that means I’ll be sitting with around the 9th pick or possibly dropping to the 11th for this trade purpose (12th pick will probably be taken).

I’ve been contemplating trading back in the draft. We allow draft pick trading and I’ve done it in years past but only on a whim with no real research or game plan behind it. The only real offer I’ve considered is pick 3.01 and 5.01 for my 1.09. I would then try trading my 3.09 and 5.09 for an early 2nd maybe?

Any knowledge or experience in this would help me out to see if it’s even worth it. All the mock drafts I’ve done so far leave me picking Adams or DJ at 9 (which I love both of these guys) but my RB3 and WR3 are very weak by the end of the draft.

I say keep your pick. Last year I traded a 2nd and 3rd for a 1st and 4th. Now this was Dynasty League. This helped me get M. Gordon and Barkley. But I’m one of the few that exactly likes picking between 9th-12th picks. Because usually I can get someone at value and I will be able to get my next guy easier, due to my draft position. When you plan ahead picking in the back of the draft is not that bad. Actually I feel less pressure when I do.