Draft Pick Trading Advice

Hey Footclan!

I want to get an outside opinion on a trade I just completed. I’m drafting at the third position in a 12 team 0.5PPR 2 Keeper league (1 round penalty). This is the first year, so I don’t have any keepers yet.

I recently traded away my 2nd (22nd) and 3rd (27th) round picks to acquire a 1st (4th) and 7th (76th) round pick - I now have the third and 4th overall picks. Would you recommend taking AB with one of those picks, or would you saddle two RB studs? Alternatively, would you advise shopping one of these picks to an owner in the back half of the draft order to potentially land three top 15 players?

Thanks Guys

Being that you are behind the 8 ball with no keepers, I would strongly consider, personally