Draft pick trading?

So our league had the draft order selection show yesterday, and I landed the coveted #1 pick. 0.5 PPR, so pretty much a given I take David Johnson/ Lev. However, the person with the 12th pick sent me an intriguing offer:

First round trade and i give you 2,3,4 while I get 3,4,5. You get two second round picks. This ends up being:
me = 12,13,24,36,37,72
him = 1,25,48,49,60,61

I would hate to miss out on DJ or Lev, but is the excess amount of 2nd and 3rd round picks worth it?

Nah I would say it’s worth more than that. As in, you should get an entire extra pick. Check out this very similar question from today’s show: https://youtu.be/DXlxY3965_Y?t=46m40s