Draft pick trading!

I have the 8th pick in a 12 man non-ppr draft. Would it be wise to trade for the 3rd overall pick to get a top back or stay at 8 and get Melvin Gordon (i have been scooping him up in mocks)? If the better advice is to trade, would you try to switch picks all together or trade 8th for 3rd and then another pick in later rounds? Thanks

I mean I think the answer to your question is we need more info. It depends on what you have to give up. If you get a great value, than sure.

personally, I draft based on tiers, not position so at 1.08, the only way I’m taking an RB is if Kamara or Saquon fall to me. Otherwise, I’m taking OBJ > Hopkins. And most likely going with zero RB.