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Draft Picks Trade Advice


I have the #4 pick in a 12 team full PPR redraft. I have been offered by the guy with the 5th pick his first round pick #5 and his 15th round pick (last round) for my 2nd round pick (#20) and my third round pick (#29). Should I pull the trigger and then I will have picks 4 and 5 in the draft but not pick again till rpound 4?


I have no idea why the other guy would make this trade, but at the same time i think you have to pull the trigger. at 4 and 5 you get Brown and Zeke or Shady? I dont know how you turn that down. If i’m in that league im pissed that guy is even offering this.


I dont think its that lopsided. When I mock I end up with something like
Demarco Murray and Doug Baldwin in the second and 3rd. Question is whether
one of Julio/Elliott and a throw away pick is worth Murray and Baldwin.


yes, yes it is. you wouldn’t make that trade in a heartbeat?