Draft picks trade

I am in a 12 team. .5 ppr. and I have the 3rd overall pick

So I was offered a trade before our draft and I’m kind of leaning towards the deal. I would trade away my early third and late fourth (27th and 46th overall) to receive a late 3rd and early 4th (34th and 39th)

The reason Im leaning this way is because I really hate the players that are there at the end of the fourth but really like the players late third and early fourth.

If I were to do this trade I would probably start with DJ and another RB (mckinnon, Freeman, mccoy) then I would try and target 2 receivers with my next 2 picks (2 of: TY Hilton. Doug Baldwin, Amari Cooper, Larry Fitz, Demaryious Thomas, Allen Robinson)

What do you guys think?

any advice?