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Draft Position Goals


Do you generally create a draft strategy based on what position you draft, or do you stick your same strategy regardless of draft position? I’ve always wondered which was best. Would love to hear opinions. Thanks all!


Draft position is a large factor. You should consider that along with the other players in your league and who they take. Listen to this.


Plus, if you’re a nerd with data, you can look at how your leaguemates drafted in the past and try to use that to guide your strategy on the fly. I have ~5 years worth on one of my leagues and applied it quite successfully last year. Was able to predict (by position) most picks.


i was actually just talking about this in another post. my strategy doesnt change really. i go into every draft with the same mindset. go with the flow for the first three rounds, get my solid top end guys, my sure fire cant misses. and then ill start looking for values and seeing who has what and who i might be able to wait on because owner X has player Y and Z. i will go RB for pick 1, 2, and 3 if those are the best and most reliable players on the board. and i pretty much just never draft a TE or QB before round 8. depth at WR and RB are just too important to me.