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Draft position question


Drafting Wednesday in a 12 team keeper league. Have AJ Green and Shady as my round 1 and 2 keepers. All top receivers and majority of top RBs are off the board. What position would you prefer to draft in given that my first pick will be in 3rd round?

Try to get as close to the top of the third, or wait and draft two picks close (bottom of third, top of fourth)

Assuming the top rookie RBs will be gone too.

Any help is appreciated.


Pretty much all the stats say the earlier your pick the better you’ll do so get whatever the top pick in the 3rd is your best bet. But its also true that the value of a late 3rd round compared to an early is closer than late/early in the 1st and 2nd. So if you just are picking your draft spot get the highest you can but if you’re talking about trading up dont bother