Draft Position Strategy

I’m in a 12 team standard scoring, redraft league. Snake draft. Everybody’s pretty solid - no noobs.

We are doing to draw lottery positions for the draft where you get to pick your spot?

What is your ideal draft position in a 12 team snake draft? I’m thinking 3rd due to the elite RB and quick round 2/round 3 turn.


I agree that getting the 3rd pick would be best. If you cant get that then 2nd or 4th.

I am usually someone that likes to be at the end of the 1st round for my 8 and 10 team leagues. But once you get to 12 or higher I believe the value of the back of the round is not worth it as much.

Right now top 3 pick to grab the big running backs…worse pick right now is 4 having to decide on zeke is not where you want to be in the 1st round…