Draft position?!

Hi fellow Footclan members!

I just won my league’s World Cup-competition for Draft position order. So I get to choose first. The league is a half point-PPR and there are eight teams. At the moment, I’m considering third spot because I’d like to get someone from trio Gurley-Zeke-Bell.
What would you guys do if you would be in my shoes and why?

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I am in a similar position (have Croatia so likely 2nd but who knows). Im thinking I’d want 1st. Guarentee the top guy bell or Gurley and take whoever drops in the 2nd and 3rd.

I quite like drafting at the turn but it’s not for everyone.

My other option is taking 5th and securing Antonio brown or whoever drops zeke bell Gurley or Johnson and a better draft position.


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Yes, I’ve also been thinking about the possibility to even take the no. 1 pick. I looove Gurley AND my league is only eight teams, so I still get pretty good players in the first 3-4 rounds. Wide receiver depth is deeper in my opinion than running back.
If I take 4-5 pick I would probably go zero RB-strategy and get AB/Nuke/Julio and M. Thomas/Evans/AJ Green in the second.
At the moment, elite RB interests me more than WR.

I’d want 5th. DJ, Gurley, Bell, Zeke, Brown are all in the top tier for me in redraft and I’d be very happy with any of them.

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I also won my FIFA bracket and will be making this decision as well. I’m likely going to be taking the 1.05 or the 1.06. I’d be totally fine with getting whoever falls to me out of AB/Barkley to me at 1.06 as well. My league is a superflex though so I like being more towards the middle to avoid getting wrecked by QB runs.

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Personally I would take the 5 or 6 spot depending on how you feel about Kamara. If you like Kamara take 6, if not take 5 and take who falls between DJ, AB, and Zeke. All very similar value, and you don’t get wedged in the 2nd round.

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8 team league it doesn’t matter too much, all the teams will be stacked. So just pick where you are comfortable from.