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Draft position


In a standard scoring league as of now would you rather pick 4th, 8th, or 9th in a twelve team league? thanks


In a standard league, top level running backs ( Johnson, bell, Elliot or McCoy) will go quickly. THE 8 or 9 positions would probably leave you Howard, Gordon, maybe freeman, Crowell, Murray) for rb1. Brown, obj, and jones would also be picked in first round. This might let you go RB/RB .


I would like to pick 9th better. This would let me get a Tier 1-ish WR like Nelson/Evans and then go Tier 2 RB like Murray/Howard.


I always want a pick in the top 6 to secure one of those studs.


The numbers say that the higher you pick the more likely you are to win so go with the 4th