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Draft Position!


10 man half-ppr
So there are some interesting drafters in my league to say the least, I have the 7th pick and want Jordy or AJ green, I have the opportunity to slide down to number 9. I really think in my league one or both of them will still be there, and for my 2nd round pick, I will be two spots better and think Melvin, McCoy or freeman could be there which would be a lot better to me then Jordan howard or jay ajayi.

Thoughts? Suggestions? thanks in advance


I say go for it, AJ and/or Jordy will probably be there


If you think they’ll be there I’d slide back for sure. I’m not a fan of those middle picks throughout the draft so I’d rather be further back anyway even if it didn’t work out. Also, it will feel so sweet if you pull it off.

I’ve got a keeper question if you don’t mind weighing in?