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Draft postion


First time posting. I am in a 12 team Standard redraft league. We have already found out our draft position but have the ability to trade draft positions until the night before the draft with others in the league. We draft on Aug 19. I came up with pick 7 for the 2017 season. I was just offered spot 12. I have come to like spot 7 after using the UDK tiers to mock draft. After looking at my first 4 rounds at 12 I feel like I can get some good combo picks but not sure what I should do. Any advise would be helpful.

Stu Wininger


Who are you hoping to target at 7?

For me personally this year I’m looking at someone from the top 3 backs and the top 6 WRs as my first pick. Because of that I love #9 as I think Evans, Jordy, and AJG are basically equal to Julio and OBJ and it allows me to pick earlier in round 2.

If you love LeSean McCoy or Melvin Gordon, or one of those WRs, I would say stay at 7 because it’s the only way you’re guaranteed to get one of them. But if you like Devonta Freeman, Jordan Howard, Jay Ajayi, or DeMarco Murray just as much as those other RBs, you could move back to 12 and either get 2 from that group or pair one with a slightly lower ranked WR like Michael Thomas, Dez Bryant, or TY Hilton.

Basically don’t move down if you’re in love with one of those top 10-11 guys because you don’t want to count on one falling, but if you don’t feel as strongly about anyone go to 12 so you can pair 2 elite players together more easily.