Draft Prep!

Who would you rather have OBJ or Melvin Gordon?

More specifically OBJ and Dalvin Cook? Or Melvin Gordon and Julio Jone/Davante Adams?

Is this redraft or dynasty? Standard, 1/2 PPR or PPR? Superflex?

This is a redraft, full PPR, 10 team league

Personal preference is Julio and Gordon(returning from injuries on the other side) but I see this as being a coin flip not taking injuries into account

Drafting 9 out of 10 teams…

Yeah, the dilemma I’m in is Tier 1 - OBJ at the end of the 1st? Or Melvin Gordon in that spot, I know he’s a tier 2, but I love his upside and everyone is drafting RBs heavy this year, and if I pass on Melvin Gordon the quality of RB drops (via mock drafts, and Melvin has never came back on that 10 spot), but I’m anticipating the same to happen during the real thing, and I think I rather have the quality and volume of Melvin Gordon

I personally would go Beckham/Cook. Having Beckham, especially in ppr, is golden. He is a top 3 WR, almost a guaranteed 100 receptions, 1300-1400 yards, and 10+TDs. And I like Cook this year. The Vikings D is pretty solid, and I think he will get a good amount of work killing the clock. There is a bit of drop off in ppr from Gordon to Cook, but not as much as from Beckham to Julio/Adams. Drafting 9 out of 10 teams you will have a good idea of what RBs will be coming back to you in round 2. Depending on who is available, could get lucky and Gordon could come back to you. Or you could grab someone like McCaffrey in the 2nd round and have 200+ receptions from your first 2 picks.

Fair point, question for you though Fantasy Football Dad! Say I get OBJ, and in the snake of the 2nd Saquan falls, I would be dumb not to take him right? Cause I am a little skeptical in that putting. My top 2 picks in the Giants, would you go McCaffrey or McKinnon over Saquan? Or put all them eggs in the Giants Basket and go OBJ and Saquan?

If Saquan is there I would take him. I have him ranked well above McCaffrey and McKinnon. If he falls you would have to take him in the 1st, I don’t see him lasting till the second. If you take Saquan in the 1st, and you don’t want to double down on Giants with your first two picks, if available you could always grab someone like Keenan Allen in the 2nd of he is there. He is a stud, and will see a bunch of targets this year, especially with Hunter Henry out. Or draft both Saquan and Beckham if available and trust in their talent, or trade one of them.

OBJ and Cook. No question to me. IMHO you get the best WR playing and a (potentially) young stud in a potent offense. I do not project injury FWIW.

Of you were concerned about that, Gordon and Jones are a safe duo and a solid foundation.

OBJ is something special and Cook looked like he should carry on well both run / catch.

NOTE: I like upside so I lean into that over safety of I have to choose.