Draft "punishments" help

We are having our first in person draft for the first time ever in our league (yay!)

The dilemma:
We understand without the computer keeping track of everything, people are bound to make some mistakes (trying to pick someone who’s already been drafted, running past your time, etc).

Do y’all have any “punishments” in your draft that we could adopt? Do 5 push-ups. Wear the jersey of a player you HATE for a full round/game. Stuff like that. Nothing mean or humiliating, just stuff that would be a good “haha you messed up”.

Hahaha I do like this a lot. One thing we do that helps prevent any sort of drafting a player a second time is buying a cheap draft board that comes with stickers for all of the players, so it’d be impossible to select a player a second time, given their sticker will already be on the board.
We’re also pretty lenient with draft time, since there’s often one or two people that need to call in for the draft, and it’s always harder for them to stick to a time clock. But we did it at a cabin right by a creek, so I enjoy the punishment of having to jump in the cold creek if you went over the time.


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A live draft sounds super exciting.

Is taking the Wheel of Water for a spin too harsh?

Otherwise, here are some options:

  • a super sour candy
  • eat a hot wing
  • everyone talks over that person until they make their next pick
  • that person has to wear some silly item (a dollar store is a great spot to find something frilly, neon coloured, or childish

I’m definitely suggesting the Wheel of Water. It’s just WAY to fun to not do it lol. Thanks!!

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My league we chug a beer every other round and the penalty for screwing up is chugging an extra beer. Definitely for adults and we had to add limits onto how many penalties you can get since we’re all getting into our 30’s and slowing down.

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Person that picks after them should Be able to make their Draft pick for them

Person takes too long to make a pick or makes a mistake -> they take a shot. Makes things more interesting by the end of the draft :wink:

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