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Draft Question- Brees or Gillisee?


Would you rather draft Drew Brees or Mike Gillisee in a .5ppr, keep 3 league? My keepers are all wide receivers, and I traded my 1st round for Demarco Murray.


What rounds? Either way, probably Gillislee- elite upside and VOR for Brees would be easier to make up.


anytime its position X vs a QB, im pretty much always taking position X. QBs just have no real value to me. unless its a play two QB league. then they are incredibly valuable. take gill and keep on stacking that depth at RB and WR.


Keep in mind it’s difficult to figure out a Patriot’s backfield situation. So Gillislee is no lock. You’ve got De Murray (great choice!), but he is due to regress. If pressed, I would go with Drew because you know what you will be getting. Good luck!


but you also know what you will get from taking a guy late. just about the same production as drew. at least with gill you have the up side of having a potential number 1 RB. they paid gill quite a lot to be there. they wont just not use him. depth at WR and RB are so crucial because they are the hardest positions to just replace if you dont have good depth.