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Draft question for a Keeper League


Would you rather draft Drew Brees,Travis Kelce/Jordan Reed, Joe Mixon or Spencar Ware in a .5ppr in the 2nd round of a keeper league?

Players already on the team are Green, Hilton, Watkins, D. Murray and will mostly go WR after the pick.

Rank if possible.

Thank you!


based on your team id go with rb. Ware probably safer of the two at this point


Yeah im going RB here, but tell me there is other talent you can get. Because mixon is a risk cause he will be splitting a lot this year as a rookie, and ware is up to lose his job all together. Ill take an isaiah crowell here if he is avaible, or an RB in that range. But if you are dead set on these players my ranks are in order, kelce, reed, brees, mixon, and bringing up the rear… ware.


No I wish Crowell was available.